My Walker Does Not Define Me

1 Posted by - June 16, 2015 - Differently-Abled Bodies
A Beautiful Body Project | Bri Luginbill

Photo by Bri Luginbill

“My Walker Does Not Define Me. Taking up space. Move your walker, it’s in the way. That’s what they say. Move your walker, out of the way. As if their space that they occupy is more valuable than mine. I am a person with a challenge, like everyone else. My challenge is just more immediately visible. My hope is that as humanity, we can learn to see each other’s bodies as if they were a gift, to be appreciated in all its forms.” -Emily

Last year I started Go Boldly, Love Your Body: A movement to embrace our bodies as women, men, and children. It started out as a social response to a billboard campaign, but it turned into helping all those willing to be photographed to tell me their stories and embrace their bodies! One individual that deeply moved me was Emily. She has cerebral palsy and exhibits the a contagious positive attitude. She came in for an extended individual session and we paired her photograph with a poem she wrote to explain her journey to loving her body.


Bri Luginbill is a regional photographer for A Beautiful Body Project in Michigan, United States and this is her entry for the ArtPrize competition which you can see by clicking here.

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