I Will Fight For My Children If I have To

2 Posted by - June 26, 2015 - Motherhood
A Beautiful Body Project | Saartje Lommelen

Photo by Saartje Lommelen

From Belgium: “I was born in a loving home. My divorce felt like a failure.

I couldn’t live up to the example my parents gave me.
My biggest fear is that my children will suffer because of this. That, maybe, they will grow up less positive because of the choices I’ve made.
My tattoo of the sabretooth tiger with her two tiger cubs is a way of showing that I will always protect my children. I will fight for them if I have to.” -Anonymous
Photographer: Saartje Lommelin for A Beautiful Body Project in Belgium. To book a shoot with her, click: www.velofoto.be
Tattoo-artist: Tijs from T*ink (Belgium)

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