Jade Beall | A Beautiful Body Project

Founders and Team


Jade Beall | A Beautiful Body ProjectCo-founder Jade Beall is the world-renown photographer whose work photographing women has been featured in the Huffington Post, the BBC, the Today Show, and numerous media outlets around the world for her ground-breaking work photographing women without digital body alteration, particularly the post-birth female body. She has given multiple TEDxTalks on body image, media, and building self-esteem in women and girls. Jade has been a community builder for women and beyond her touching work as a photographer in her Tucson, Arizona studio, she is a passionate dance teacher who leads a Friday-night dance class that is like ‘church’ for many of the people who attend, shaking their booties to live African-inspired drumming and her dance inspirations founded on West and Central African traditions.

Alok Appadurai | A Beautiful Body Project

Photo by Jade Beall

Co-founder Alok Appadurai is a project-builder, communications expert, and branding specialists who believed in A Beautiful Body Project from day one. Alok is a public speaker, writer, and advocate for developing self-esteem and a belief that anyone can change their lives for the better if they put their mind to it.





Kristen Watts | A Beautiful Body Project

Photo by Jade Beall

Kristen Watts is our Operations Manager who tirelessly works behind the scenes to make the magic happen. She is a talented photographer herself as well as communications specialist.