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“A Beautiful Body Project”

Global Collective of Women Photographers

ABB Project is harnessing the collective wisdom, talents, and experiences of women around the world who are skilled enough to combine being photographers, journalists, and part-therapists, in the tradition that founder Jade Beall has been for years with her own clients. The global database of ABB Project Photographers gives you the ability to connect with a woman we have vetted and accepted, so that you when you reach out to her for a shoot, your request for zero airbrushing or digital augmentation will be praised and honored. A global movement is afoot and these women have committed to being a part of it!

If you know any women photographers around the world who might want to become an A Beautiful Body Project Photographer, tell them to apply by clicking here!

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  • Saartje Lommelen in Kwaadmechelen. See her work by clicking here.

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