A Mother Is A Model For Big Knickers; Rolemodels For Her Daughters

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A Beautiful Body Project | Rachel Baker

Photo by Rachel Baker

This is beautiful Amy. She is a mum to 2 little girls, and is extremely confident in her skin. Amy recently modelled for a local underwear company here in Tasmania. The Big Knicker Company were looking for a  model who is actually plus sized, so that potential customers can see how the knickers really fit. Amy graciously agreed to help out and we took some images of her in her underwear looking fantastic.

When anyone tells Amy that she is brave for having photos of herself taken in her knickers, she is always surprised that anyone finds anything to comment on. Her logic is that when her girls are older, she wants to be able to show them that the way her body looked never had any impact on the things she was able to do in her life. She wants her girls to know that no matter what, they will be able to do anything they set their mind to. She’s a very inspirational woman!

-Rachel Baker is a regional photographer for A Beautiful Body Project in Australia. Visit www.RachelBaker.com.au

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